Diploma of Digital Media Technologies

ICT50915 (CRICOS Code: 086721M)

Study advanced digital production methods by learning how to build websites, edit video, build mobile apps and much more.  In addition you will investigate advertising and digital workflow.

The Diploma of Digital Media Technologies expands upon your previous experiences with digital media technologies and refines your skills. It is a perfect pathway into a number of digital media industries including web technologies, audio production, video production, web design, digital imaging or digital project management.

You will be using cutting edge technologies during practical workshops and theory based lectures in which you explore a blend of practical tasks, creative assignments, management activities and academic research.

  • Design and build dynamic websites
  • Carry out basic video and sound editing for film production
  • Coordinate interactive media production
  • Create exciting digital effects for video
  • Use advertising techniques
  • Implement emerging web technology trends

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Key Software Used:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Audition
  • Microsoft Office
  • HTML & CSS Coding
  • WordPress

Entry Requirements

  • An overall equivalent of Australia’s Year 10

  • IELTS 5.0 or equivalent: intermediate English certificate or by completion of ABS VET pre-entry test (international students)

  • Students must be at least 18 years old

Start Dates

2018: Jan-8, Jan-29, Feb-19, Apr-9, Apr-30, May-21, Jul-9, Jul-30, Aug-20, Oct-8, Oct-29, Nov-19

2019: Jan-7, Jan-29, Feb-18, Apr-8, Apr-29, May-20, Jul-8, Jul-29, Aug-19, Oct-8, Oct-28, Nov-18

On the first day of the course, you will undergo an orientation process where you will receive the information you need to start your studies. Your attendance to this orientation is compulsory.

Program Delivery

52 weeks (including 8 weeks breaks)
Delivery 20 hours/week
Work placement 120h

Lecture: Tuesday from 9am to 4pm
Learner Support: Thursday from 9am to 4pm
Online studies: 5 hours per week

List of Units

Core Units

  • Originate and develop concepts

  • Manage interactive media production

  • Contribute to copyright, ethics and privacy in an ICT environment

  • Work effectively in the digital media industry

  • Verify client business requirements

  • Manage ICT projects

Elective Units

  • Design e-learning resources

  • Design and create models for a 3D and digital environment

  • Create a markup language document to specification

  • Build a dynamic website

  • Manage Meetings

  • Edit screen content for a fast turnaround

  • Incorporate and edit digital video

  • Perform basic vision and sound editing

  • Author interactive media

  • Create digital visual effects

  • Employ specialised imaging technologies

Online Units

  • Ensure a safe workplace

*Course units may be subject to change