General English

The General English program from the Australian Business School is a perfect preparation if you want to improve your all-round language skills. You will be taught how to use English in real life situations, learn essential language skills and gain the confidence to travel and work in Australia amongst native English speakers.

Passive Learning: Most English language schools focus on traditional textbook learning. The student is a passive learner, takes a receptor role and relies on receiving correct answers from the teacher. This kind of accuracy-focused learning, while important, does not fully equip a student for life outside the classroom.

Active Learning: The Australian English Language School focuses on an active-learning approach and our students take a more dominant role in the classroom. They are given tasks where the teacher acts as a facilitator and communication is based on students giving opinions and reasons for those opinions. Our methodology emphasises critical thinking and fluency.

  • Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels)25 hours per week (20 hours classroom-based plus 5 hours self-guided learning)
  • 24 week courses
  • Coursebook based core lessons
  • Regular revision tests and interviews with your teacher
  • Students are able to move to the next level when students demonstrate the required ability (four-weekly level up tests)
  • Certificate issued upon completion


CRICOS Course Code: 084920J